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Updated: May 10, 2018

Luton Town legend Brian Stein is to set out on a 54-mile London to Brighton bike ride in the name of charity this Sunday, and he needs you to donate!

Stein will be accompanied by host of former players; his brothers Mark and Edwin, Mike Newell, Kingsley Black and Mitchell Thomas, as well as Les Ferdinand and Steve Lomas.

The charity (Stein Foundation) works alongside the Bedfordshire FA in helping promote sport for young children in South Africa, by providing equipment and breakfast clubs, in the hope that sport can have a positive influence on their lives.

Hatters support and contributions could make a huge difference Stein said, although he hasn’t set a target of how much he wants to raise, he just wants to try and get people to donate as much as possible.

“If Luton Town fans were to donate, it would make a huge amount of difference to a lot of people’s lives.” (Brian Stein) 

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