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Stein Foundation PFA Partnership

Updated: May 10, 2018

The Isaiah and Lillian Stein Foundation was established the Stein family in 2012 in memory of their parents. It gained charitable status in the UK in the same year.

Isaiah and Lillian were instrumental in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and continued the fight after coming to the UK as political refugees in 1968. Isaiah who was a key member of the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (SAN-ROC) was instrumental in getting South Africa banned from most international sporting events.

Both parents instilled a strong sense of justice and the importance of education in their children and encouraged them to push past the boundaries of inequality and to achieve their desires. It is a testament to these lessons that three of their seven sons – Mark, Brian and Edwin – became professional footballers and several have successful careers in education and have worked extensively in the community.

Ever since the inception of the Foundation the PFA (Professional Football Association) have provided invaluable and constant support. In May 2013 Edwin travelled with the PFA to South Africa to do some charitable work.

In May 2014 the PFA assisted the Foundation at the Stein Golf Classic at Woburn Golf Club. The event was well supported by many PFA members, past and present. The PFA brought a team to participate and their extensive contact list was invaluable in making the event a resounding success.

As a consequence of The PFA’s assistance, a donation of £1000 was made to Woburn Lido. Several other worthwhile causes, both here (in the UK) and in South Africa will also benefit from the funds raised.

The Foundation was formed in the memory of people who sought equality, and equality of opportunity, with great purpose, commitment, determination and sacrifice. Isaiah and Lillian Stein achieved their aims and empowered countless others also.

The Foundation aims to support similar projects, such as those that aim to level the playing field and projects that help to enable others to achieve their aspirations despite challenging circumstances. We are not focused upon racial equality, or even financial, educational or locational quality, but equality pure and simple.

The Foundation aspires to allowing people equal and free access to the future that they imagine, regardless of who they are, or, what their backgrounds may be.

“The PFA have provided stellar support to our foundation ever since it was established. They have provided wonderful links that have been crucial to us. We are truly grateful for their continued support and assistance.” (Edwin Stein)

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