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Updated: May 10, 2018

The Bedfordshire FA Ability Counts League, sponsored by the Stein Foundation have provided wonderful opportunities for people with disabilities to play in football competitions for over ten years.

Every Friday here at the Bedfordshire FA headquarters there is a day of fixtures, with four league formats played out;

Results / Dates

The most significant aim of the leagues is enjoyment! Results are therefore not published and nobody will know who has finished at the top of the overall competition until the end of the season.

This season (2017) will see the introduction of small but significant changes to the league. New division names, now represent player ability rather than a tiered structure. Another shift in focus will be social development, now being one of the primary outcomes of the leagues.

We want to ensure participants and members get as much life experiences as possible. Players and managers will be encouraged to contribute to the spirit of the leagues.

Ability Counts Points - NEW

This season (2017) will see the introduction of 'Ability Counts Points' as well as the traditional results. Points will awarded for the below:

- Sportsmanship - Good Humour - Role Model - Leadership - Clear Development of Players - Improvements in Confidence - Positive Environments - Players Enjoying Themselves

'Ability Counts Points' will help determine who is rewarded with trophies at the end of the season. Therefore, off the field is now as important as those participating on the field of play.

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